Every course lasts between eight and twelve weeks. Every student is free to study  at their own pace and is granted 16 weeks to complete any given course.
The following requirements go for every course: reading, quizzes, essays, exams, and research. There is always a final exam at the end of every course.
CETEPP SEMINARY uses english and french for reading , exams, audio lectures and essays. Every student can pick one language or use both as necessary.
CETEPP SEMINAry is a non-profit organization. A student donates for books , administrative  and tecnology fees. Every student's donation is used for the purpose of supporting the ministry .

A twelve-week class runs from $250 to $350 dollars with books included.
A certificate is issued for every course completed .  A student earns 3 or 6 credits for every course.

A student receives a general bible diploma for 30 credits completed
A student receives an Associate Bible study diploma for 60 credits completed.
For 90 credits: A graduate diploma in theology is issued
For 120 credits : A bachelor degree in theology is issued
A master of Ministry is 36 credits after the Bachelor of Theology
A master of divinity is 90 credits after the Bachelor Of Theology
A Doctorate of ministry is 30 credits after the Master of Divinity
A PhD Degree is 30 credits after the Doctorate.
A CETEPP off-campus or online student is encouraged to complete a 9 to 12 semester hour course every three months. (This is not demanded, but recommended). However, should a student need more time, he or she is required to contact the school for an extension. Slower students are allowed to work at their own pace. The slower student is required to contact the school at least once during each thirty-day period to give a brief report of progress. Once a course has been submitted for grading, the student should allow three weeks for the graded materials to be returned.
Students who fail to communicate with the school for more than six months will be placed on an inactive list and a $50.00 fee will be required to re-activate the files. Failure to communicate with the school does not relieve students on payment plans from making monthly tuition payments. If a student enrolls into one of CETEPP’s degree programs and does not submit any work or does not contact the school for an extension, after 24 months, the student will be dismissed.
Students who have gained substantial knowledge and skill in appropriate subject areas before attending CETEPP SEMINARY , may apply for consideration of admission at an advanced standing. Such students are required to submit a Student Resume & Portfolio Guide. This form may be acquired upon request.
Under the Student Resume & Portfolio Program, an applicant may receive up to six-semester hour’s credit at the undergraduate level, for each documented year spent in full-time Christian service, not exceeding 30 credits. No credit is given towards graduate work under this program. The college will determine the number of credits given after reviewing an applicant’s work history and previous college training. In no case will an applicant be issued a degree or diploma without having completed 30 credits through Bethany. There is a non-refundable $100.00 fee for this evaluation.
Students who are working toward a degree in Religious Education may receive credit for on-the-job teaching experience while attending CETEPP SEMINARY. To be considered for this credit, students will have the principal or dean of the school where they are employed, submit an evaluation of their work to CETEPP SEMINARY.
Students, who are pastoring or working under full-time pastors while attending CETEPP, may obtain credit for this experience. To be considered for this credit, the students’ supervising pastors will report to the SEMINARY.
Students in Christian counseling who, while studying with , are working under full-time qualified Christian counselors or completing counseling practicums, may obtain credit for this on-going experience. To be considered for this credit, the supervising counselors must submit regular reports. Documented experience in Human Services may also be considered. CETEPP SEMINARY  will provide appropriate forms for such evaluations.
Portfolio Learning Assessment is limited to undergraduate studies. No P.L.A. will be allowed at the graduate and postgraduate levels.

A high school diploma or its equivalent is required to enroll into the undergraduate program and a Bachelor’s degree is required to enroll into the Master’s degree program. A Master’s is required to enroll into the Doctoral program.
If the student does not have a high school diploma, then he or she may enroll as a Special Student. The student must have the capability of doing college work. The Special Student may receive a diploma for completing an undergraduate program of study, but not a degree. The Special Student may not be enrolled into a Master’s level, or a Doctoral level program of study

Any person regardless of race, color, nationality or ethnic origin may enroll as a student with CETEPP. However, it is required of all enrolling students to give testimony that they have received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

First the student is asked to complete an enrollment/evaluation form which is found on CETEPP’s website and submit it to CETEPP. The application is free. The student may make payment through the use of a credit/debit card. Once the application has been received and approved. The student may then select to pay  upfront for the program of study  or set up a tuition payments plan over a twelve-month period.

The answer is yes. The student may receive help and guidance by calling or emailing the college office, or the student may contact a professor/mentor should one be assigned. The student is never left without someone to help in the time of need.

*Should the student need more information, he may contact the college and seminary at (954) 515-2669 or E-mail Dr. Jean Marc Desire  at doyen@cetepphaiti.com 

After the applicant has been evaluated and given a proposed program of study for earning the desired degree, and after the student approves the proposal, he or she will then notify the school and submit the down payment or payment in full. The student is then officially enrolled with CETEPP. Following this payment, the school will send to the student the required study materials.

CETEPP holds an annual graduation the last Thursday in May of each year. At this time CETEPP’s students can attend a formal graduation ceremony with caps and gowns. During the graduation exercise students can have their picture made receiving their degrees, and have fellowship with other graduating students. Attendance at graduation exercise is not compulsory but encouraged.

Students who wish to transfer credits from previous academic work must submit official transcripts within 90 days of enrollment. CETEPP will accept copies of transcripts for preliminary evaluation during the admissions process. Courses in which the student received a “C” grade or higher will be considered for transfer if the content reasonably meets the requirements of the chosen program. At the seminary level, grades below “C” but part of an earned degree from another institution, will be evaluated on an individual basis. Any advanced standing, whether it is transfer credits or credit received from a Portfolio Learning Assessment, shall in no instance preclude a minimum of 30 semester hours credit of study with CETEPP.