Master of Christian counseling


The Master of Christian Counseling degree will equip the student   to serve as a counselor in local churches and other ministries. The courses are designed to prepare the student  to provide tChrist-centered counseling and/or pastoral care.

This is a graduate-level program, that does not prepare for state licensure; but those who want to serve as a non-licensed counselor in a variety of Christian and church contexts will find it much profitable. The course requirements include a counseling practicum that can be completed in many ways during the program.


Prerequisite for enrollment in this program is an earned B.A. degree (concentration in Christian Counseling) or its equivalent from an acceptable college.  A student must complete a minimum of thirty three semester credit hours (33 SCH) of course work and  a thesis for three semester credit hours (3 SCH).

CTP-711-Introduction to Psychology and counseling (3)

CTP-712-Biblical Counseling(3)

CTP-713-Foundations in counseling(3)

CTP-714-Crisis Counseling(3)

CTP-715-Mariage and Family Counseling(3)

CTP-716-Methods and  Approaches to Counseling (3)

CTP-717-Counseling the Depressed (3)

CTP-718-Counseling for Family Violence and Abuse (3)

CTP-719-Counseling and Divorce (3)

CTP-720-Counseling and Addiction(3)

CTP-721-Counseling. for Depression & Suicide(3)

CTP-722-Thesis for counseling (3)

TOTAL:     ……………………36 CREDITS

*The thesis topic must be approved by your Academic Advisor and the thesis must be completed in accordance with the guidelines of the institution.