The pre-requisites for the Master of leadership is a Bachelor degree in theology. This degree is designed to help men and women to lead in whatever ministry setting they are called to serve. After completion of 36 credits beyond the bachelor level the student is awarded a Master of Leadership.

CTP-513-Christian Leadership Principles and Practices 3 credits
CTP-514-Building Church Leadership 3 credits
CTP-515-Organizational Leadership 3 credits
CTP-516-Principles of Strategic Planning 3 credits
CTP-517-organizational Culture 3 credits
CTP-518-Church Ministry and Management 3 credits
CTP-519-Conflict and Leadership 3 credits
CTP-520-Leadership Theology 3 credits

CTP-521-Christian Entrepreneurship 3 credits
CTP-522-Spiritual Formation 3 credits
CTP-523-Spiritual Ethics 3 credits
CTP-524-Leadership Research paper 3 credits