The Master of Ministry is designed to give the student a biblical basis for Christian service in pastoral ministry and Christian communication.

Mastery of Ministry with a concentration in pastoral ministry is the first step in obtaining the degree of Doctor of Ministry. This program is built around a core of biblical and pastoral ministry courses
The prerequisite for enrollment in this program is a bachelor's degree in theology (concentration in pastoral ministry) or its equivalent at the Center for Evangelical and Pastoral Theology or other theological institution.

The student must complete the 36-hour program following the specified courses beyond the baccalaureate level:

501 CTP-Soul Cure and Helping Relationship - 3 SH Credit
Approaches the art of counseling through a study of past methods and theories, the work of the Holy Spirit in counseling, issues of sin, principles of Bible counseling.

502 CTP - Prenuptial and marital counseling - 3 SH credits
The Christian counselor receives the information he needs to know to counsel engaged couples and married couples.

503 CTP - Mission history - 3 SH credits
Examines the biblical foundations, delineation, instrument and dynamics of missions.

504 CTP - A Theology of Missions - 3 SH credits
This course deals with the fundamental questions of today's missions. Provides insight into Christian missions from the 30th to the 20th century

505 CTP-Overview of World Religions - 3 SH credits
Provides insight into the world's religions versus Christianity

506 CTP-History of Christian Education - 3 SH credits
The history of Christian education takes the student from the beginnings of Christian education to the present day. This course is compulsory for majors in Christian education.

507 CTP- A Theology of Christian Education 3 SH Credit
An investigation and exploration of the foundations of Christian education, the curriculum of Christian education and the structures of Christian education.

508 CTP- Church Ministry and Administration - 3 SH credits
Designed to prepare the student with a working knowledge of ministry in the local church. The student is shown how to perform the various duties required of the pastor.

509 CTP - Pastoral workshop -3-credits SH
Designed to enable the pastoral student working at the master's level to conduct an independent research project in a given area of ministry, which would assist the student in an area of greatest benefit to them.

510 CTP -Independent research- 3 SH credits
The pastoral student is authorized to conduct research in the field of ministry by preparing a research report containing a minimum of 10,000 words.

511CTP- Church Administration- 3 Credit SH
Encourages, trains and teaches church leaders and ministries to lead their congregations to function debt free

512 CTP - Advanced Exposition Methods - 3 SH credits
A prerequisite for taking one of the proposed expository Bible studies. The student is exposed to the explanatory method of preaching and teaching. The methods learned in this course will help the student complete the Bible Exposition courses.
At the end of 36 credits completed beyond the baccalaureate in theology, the student receives a Masters in Pastoral Ministry.

Course Description

This course provides an overview of aspects of biblical preaching, including the development and delivery of biblical sermons.

Course Objectives

Students will the following biblical preaching skills:

Exegesis of a particular text that is appropriate for sermon preparation.

Finding a focus for the sermon.

Shaping the form of a sermon in the context of both the text and the local community.

Communicating through preaching in a way that shapes the life of the local church